Blending Tradition with Innovation

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The Pioneers in Biocontrol Solutions


For over three decades, Vital Bugs has stood at the forefront of the biological control sector in South Africa, championing sustainable farming solutions.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide eco-friendly IPM solutions that strike a balance between ensuring access to high-quality produce and championing long-term ecological preservation. Rooted deeply in sustainability, we're not just about biocontrol; we're about nurturing the environment and forging lasting relationships with farm managers and stakeholders.


The Genesis

In the vibrant 1970s, Frank Honiball made an indelible mark on the citrus farming pest control landscape when he collaborated with Letaba Estates in Limpopo. Alongside Dr. Stephan Kamburov, they pioneered an avant-garde strategy to tackle insecticidal resistance in the notorious California red scale (Aonidiella aurantia). Their innovative shift from organophosphate insecticides to mineral oil sprays and augmentative biological control with Aphytis lingnanensis wasn't just a solution—it was a revolution.

This success became the catalyst for Frank to venture into his own Citrus IPM consulting business and subsequently lay the foundation for Lushof Insectaries. This trailblazing commercial insectary in South Africa eventually blossomed into what we proudly call Vital Bugs today.

The Legacy Continues...

Now, under the adept leadership of Frank's son, Stephan Honiball, the Honiball family's rich legacy of expert biocontrol guidance, biological mastery, and fervour for the environment flourishes. Equipped with state-of-the-art rearing facilities, Vital Bugs has metamorphosed into a thriving enterprise, setting benchmarks in South African farm pest solutions. When Stephan isn't delving deep into research, you'll find him amidst the orchard's trees, magnifier and camera at the ready, capturing the essence of nature's wonders.

At Vital Bugs, we believe in the power of unity. It's the fusion of teamwork, unwavering passion, and collaborative efforts that truly lets the magic of sustainable pest management unfold.


At the heart of Vital Bugs is a mission that transcends mere business. We're here to add tangible value to farmers, consumers, and our precious environment. Our endeavors empower farmers to showcase and export produce that epitomizes quality, allowing consumers to relish food that's remarkably low on chemical residues. By championing a reduction in insecticide usage, we're not just addressing immediate needs; we're curbing environmental disruptions, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come.


Our gaze is set on the horizon, where we envision a Southern Africa that's a beacon of sustainable agriculture. Vital Bugs is on a quest to infuse unparalleled value into the local agricultural fabric. How? By pioneering, promoting, and passionately advocating for biological control solutions that redefine farming.

Core Values

What drives us?

It's a blend of values that we hold close to our heart:

  • An unwavering passion for environmental sustainability.
  • A commitment to providing accurate information.
  • A pledge to support local businesses and uplift the community.
  • An obsession with delivering service excellence.
  • A promise of offering quality products that stand the test of time.
  • A principle of upholding ethical business practices, always.

Your Biocontrol Solution, Simplified

If you're envisioning a future where the biological control of pests on your farm is:

  • Absolutely effortless,
  • Reliant on premium quality biological control agents
  • Guarantees prompt and complete deliveries right to your doorstep.

...then you're envisioning a future with Vital Bugs.